Remission 2.0

Okay, so this is the latest goss(ip)

I have today seen my Consultant Neurosurgeon (and he has given me a printed copy of the Histology results). He has confirmed that the tumour he removed was a Metastatic Secondary Tumour. The results also confirm that the primary that ´spawned´it was most likely a “intestinal tumour”, i.e. most likely the previous Colon Cancer from November 2012.

The next step is for my surgeon back then, Mr Mark Steward, to confirm the cancer type of the primary he removed to see if its the same as the secondary removed from my brain. If yes then monitoring would seem to be the order of the day. If no, then we need to find this ‘new primary’ and treat that.

In the meanwhile Mr. G. Sivakumar has effectively discharged me “back to the care of my GP”, with letters to follow. As of right now I have four weeks sick note to get over the last of the physical effects of the surgery. Then it will be time to review my situation, but likely it’ll be a return to light duties at work. No doubt how my employer will respond to all this will be revealed in due course but I have every confidence in the support of my immediate management.

So to sum up, I am guessing that all this means I currently have no detectable cancer and that puts me in “Remission 2.0”. I am working on the theory that the two years or so between the Colon Cancer and the Brain Tumour should count as Remission 1.0 (rather than my previously erroneous assumption that I had really been cured.) But there is still a chance that there will be more to come. Watch this space!

In the meanwhile I feel like I have several hours of emotional roller-coaster ahead of me as internalise this news and adjust my world view to fit the new cirumstances I find myself in.

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    1. Not Discharged Yet
      I dont’t think I’ve been discharged yet? Mr. Bob still needs confirmation from Mr. Steward of the nature of the primary he removed on the 25th Nov 2012. Fingers crossed for more news early this week.

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