On Being Offered A Counselling Appointment At City Hall Bradford.

Verbal FarterThere are places I don’t want to visit,
There are people I don’t want to see
There are are ghosts I don’t want to encounter,
They are all much too painful for me.

My psyche is terribly fragile
My burden of stress is immense,
Such things are emotionally tricky,
Taking risks doesn’t make any sense.

I need to be where I’m protected,
I need to be out of harm’s way,
Safe places and also safe people
Are where and what I need today.

There may be a time, some time later,
When the nightmare is over for me,
I’ll be older and bolder and stronger,
Until then I’ll proceed cautiously.

So don’t ask me to visit those places
Or the people I don’t want to meet,
Don’t organise ghostly encounters,
Wait ’til my healing’s complete.

Even then I won’t want to go there,
Or to meet those from times now long gone,
I won’t want to revisit the ghosts from the past,
Instead I prefer to move on.

Lynne Joyce 17.08.2017

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