Bores Corner

Boring people when at parties
Find boring people like themselves,
To huddle up with on the sofa
And talk of *Windolene and shelves.

Their weary, dreary conversation
Revolves around their tiresome lives,
The husbands talk of fuel injectors,
Cleaning tasks engage the wives.

The women can wax lyrical
About such things as vacuum-ing,
Their menfolk get hysterical
On when to mow the lawn in Spring.

Boring people meet in pubs,
Drink mass-produced, too fizzy beer,
The men drink pints, the women halves,
’Til smiles turn to a drunken leer.

Boring people make their babies
After tipsy totters home,
Name them after relatives
Thus labelling the chromosome.

Boring people’s boring brats
Gather every Friday night,
Drink ’til they’re legless, get chucked out,
Create a nuisance, have a fight.

Boring people’s boring kids
Wed spouses who are squeaky clean,
Go to parties, sit on sofas,
Then talk of shelves and *Windolene.

Lynne Joyce

* Windowlene – window cleaning product

Party Invitation

Party Invitation
When you’re invited to a party,
A Christmas or Thanksgiving do.
A Wedding or a Birthday bash,
Someone’s being kind to you.

They’re saying that they want you there,
That they enjoy your company,
So if you just don’t want to go,
Don’t disrespect their courtesy.

Get dressed up in your finery,
Turn up on time, enjoy the do,
Smile, boogie, and by doing so.
Return their compliment to you.

Lynne Joyce