Yet Another D8 Beta Attempt

The point of this is to do a GUI driven install on a Fusion VM

  1. Update the VM Linked Clone
  2. Install Apache 2 but in Debian 7 Wheezy the Rewrite Module is not enabled so do that using a2enmod rewrite, which edits the Apache 2 config file in the process so the Rewrite Module is loaded through subsequent reboots. Then add
    <Directory />
    AllowOverride All

    to the apache2.conf file so that the rewrite rules in the .htaccess are applied.

Not sure where this one got to, but its safe to say it was not a completed success!

Digital Ocean Success

After a week of frustration at Drupal 8 Beta failing to install on the Raspberry Pi and Raspian after a couple of initial successes I decided, sat in the Fox with a very good pint of Phoenix Red Ale (that is actually a very pale straw colour and totally delicious), to have a go at installing it on a Digital Ocean Debian 7 32 bit Droplet. Despite the delays due to beer-driven typos, the Digital Ocean web page guide that I have been following worked perfectly! First time in about 45 mins.
Caveat: I haven’t checked below the home page and may need to refer to Drupal Needs Mod_Rewrite in Apache2

So the inescapable conclusion is that something must have changed in Raspbian that makes it Drupal 8 Beta unfriendly? If it passes the CIBA test I’ll try a stable release of Drupal 7 on Raspbian to see what happens. Or I won’t and will continue to invest 1 cent per hour to get to know this version and see if I can skip a generation from D6 to D8. They are making a lot of noise about ease of upgrade, but we’ll see.