8th December

Woke at 4:15 for a call of nature and the sky was glowing like there was low cloud, and the wind sounded like it could build up to being stormy. Are we at the end of our run of nice weather? Woke at 8:15 and there was a lot of cloud but by 9:15 when the sun is properly up we were getting watery sunshine in the windows so what the day will be like is to be seen.

Prepared our now usual breakfast of pomegranate, mango yoghurt before having a bath and dressing. Then ate the above with maize balls for breakfast. All ready for 11:00am as arranged with Peter, who true to form arrived a little late. We were introduced to his partner Dorothea and their visitor Michael, who is an artist. Peter told me that he was not sure about how he met Michael but that he did not have a clue who it was he was looking for when he picked him up from the airport. Lynne has described them all beautifully in a posting on our web site.

First we went to Jalon and had a great walk around the flea market there. Lynne and I’s love for brass parafin appliances saw us part with €30 for a Primus stove that had been well cared for and well cleaned up. A new branch to Lynne’s blow-torch collection. Then it was time to head for lunch. Peter drove into the middle of Jalon and headed out of it on a road at right angles to the length of the valley and main road and up into the mountains. After a long winding climb on mainly single track road we pulled up outside an old wine museum and started walking towards a posh looking restaurant. Then Peter suddenly turned in towards what looked like an old barn with a for sale sign on it. It wasn’t, the sign was VerdiVent and it was the restaurant. You need to book two weeks ahead or more to get a table. There is no mains electric or water. Water is delivered a tanker full at a time and there is a generator puttering away outside the kitchen. The patrons are French and German so it was a little fraught for Lynne but the food was very good, although postres was a single choice of crépes, and Lynne declined the offered alternative of fruit. We really must take Peter and Dorothea to La Xorta next time we are here.

Peter then drove us back the scenic route. In his huge, non-electronic Toyota SUV he is a very good driver and the perpendicular drops from the road gave spectacular views. There was a herd of goats by the road side and Dorothea insisted Peter stop as she loves goats. So Lynne and I got a chance to photograph a beautiful sunset and look down on Calliosa d’en Serria from a location I would never have expected. After a lot more long winding road along the mountain sides we ended up back at the Jalon junction of the N332 main road to Benissa outside Calpé. A huge scenic circle. When we got back to Nirvana we invited them in for a drink and they accepted, which made a pleasant conclusion to the day. Peter and I did business. He will e-mail me a recepit for the €4000 deposit we have given them and he will send us an estimate for the cleaning and protecting the steel beams early next week.

Lynne and I pottered over a few nightcaps and went to bed early. We did have a nice period chatting with Cesca on MSN during that time.

7th December

Today is Lynne’s Sixtieth Birthday. It is a big day for her. But this morning has to be a working day. So despite not having a good night’s sleep we stick to the plan. A birthday cuppa in bed and then strip it and take it and other laundry down to the Lavanderia for 8 ‘o’ clock. The cuppa included the card I made yesterday afternoon and the perfume bought in Dénia in previous afternoon.

Got back and had breakfast and a bath before heading for town. The supposed market on Friday didn’t happen so we went to the bank to get Peter his cash and then to the Tabacas for the roll-your-own stuff for Alan and David. Next was the shoe mender where we got yet another set of keys cut to the garage for Keith and Audrey and rang Perran about collecting the set we had cut earlier in the week again. (I think we have been ringing the wrong number somewhere along the line, which is why he hadn’t replied. It looks like the phone does not remember the +34 international code on the front of a number when dialled). We then went to Café Dany’s and when on our second round of tea and coffee I worked up the nerve to ask him about about coffee and condensed milk (leche consendada), he called it a bon-bon and smiled brilliantly as he can do. He didn’t serve it with sachet of sugar, and it didn’t need it. Mmm! 🙂 By which time is was time to head for Guadalest and lunch.

It was a nice drive in brilliant sunshinre and temperature of 24C. We stopped at the Farmer’s Co-operative and bought Saffron for the paella, sun dried tomatoes to take home and a couple of lovely looking pomegranates for breakfast tomorrow and Sunday. We had a lovely chat with the guy about his old dog, which was a golden retriever type and stretching and sleeping in the warm sunshine (what bliss). He told us about him being 15 and arthritis and lots of medication. We told him we knew with Be-Bop and how he had passed on and now we had Helmut. A typical lovely Spanish shopping experience. We then stopped at the bag shop on the corner just below La Xorta and Guadalest. Lynne bought a “very useful bag” as the Patron put it and she was given some postcards and a purse as gifts for purchasing a €26 bag. We were about to leave when Lynne needed to make a call, and while she did I spotted a lovely black and red leather patchwork back with a collapsible handle and wheels that was basically a laptop back but with extra space for an overnight bag, perfect for one nighter in London on Govt. projects, like what I am working on now. The Patron knocked it down €2.5 to €30 when we explained we didn’t want to change Lynne’s bag but wanted it as well. We bade him “hasta la primavera” – until the spring. He is always very nice to us but never remembers us, no doubt due to the coach loads that stop at his business all year round.

We were made very welcome at La Xorta and given a window table with a fabulous view down the valley to Altea some 15km away. A little vase of two yellow roses and a pink rose bud were put on our table. As on Sunday, Lynne being “celiaca” is absolutely no problem. She had prawns in avocado followed by cornejo (rabbit) this time in tomatoes and garlic and a side of chips. When Lynne queried them the guy thought it impossible that the chips could have flour in them. They had been potatoes only this morning and mimed peeling them in a way that convinced us that he had done it personally (and he probably had). My starter was also unexpected; I thought eggs with ham (huevo jamon) would be a cold starter but no, it was ham slices on fried eggs, and what fried eggs they were! By comparison my pork steak with rice and peas was quite tame but very tasty nevertheless. When it came to ‘postres’ (pud) Lynne thought she was limited to fruit but the waiter who was brilliant last Sunday and today asked if “milk, gelatine and lemon juice” was okay. This turned out to be what the menu called Lemon Mouse and was the best sweet she had ever had, according to Lynne. My flan (with biscuit in so Lynne couldn’t have it) was quite tame by comparision. We then had tea and coffee, again accompanied by that fabulous Blackberry Liquer. We now suspect they make in themselves as (we learned from ex-Pharmacist, Audrey Wildman) it is possible in Spain to by pure ethyl alcohol, something not possible in the UK. Unfortunately it started to cloud over during our ‘Spanish long lunch’ and that persisted for the rest of the afternoon with the sun occasionally peeking through. I’ll leave it to Lynne to write about Lady Bountiful of East Lothian on the table next to us.

In the end we decided not to go the last few hundred meters into Guadalest but to go back down and into Altea old town. We went down to Calliosa d’en Saria and for a change turned right at the roundabout. This took us to Polop, which we drove around and decided we must go to again, and then onto La Nucia before arriving in the top end of Altea. Our favourite café with the overlook was closed so we tried one of the church square cafés where we felt as welcome as a fart in a space suit. We were given a hand written bill for 50% more than we would expect. Won’t go there again. Had a nice wander around and view of Benidorm in the late afternoon and took photos.

Then we set out back to Calpé. Lynne called Perran about collecting the keys. Lynne also mentioned the Architect’s comment about the citrus trees needing iron rich feed to which Perran responded he had plans for stone circles and enriching the ground with (in essence) worm pooh! He said he or Willy (him of the weather prediction most extra-ordinary) would be round to collect the keys soon after we got home in the next 30 mins. Although we were hoping that Willy would arrive so we could ask if he’d known (like the flamigos) about the storm before it arrived it was Perran with his four year old son and two bags of worm pooh that arrived to collect keys. We showed him how to manage the garage door and asked him to remove the pile of rubbish when he could and send photos of the heavily pruned Olive and Almond trees, “so I can show my mother progress” Lynne said all sweetly.

I got the fire going for later then we set off for evening drinkies. We stopped in Mercadona for mangos and yoghurt to go with the pomegranates. I shouted ‘hola’ to the boss man of our new watering hole as he went in ahead of us and got a smile and an ‘hola’ back. We were stood in the fruit section wondering out loud what the Spanish for mango was when the young man in charge of the section asked in very polite English if he could help. We asked what the Spanish for mango was, only to be very politely told that it was…

“mango” – DOH!

We then went into the Diamonte Beach, the recenlty build very posh looking hotel for a glass of Cava for Lynne. It turned out to be a 1/3rd of a bottle sized bottle and at a very reasonable price, as was my ‘cagne’. It is very nice but full of rich pseuds. We then moved on to our watering hole. We asked about Cava but they were out and none till Lunes (Monday) so it was “rosada y cagna” and the boss man brought a plate with a slice of pan with a slice of sem-curado and a slice of sem-curado and a fork, plus some olive to the table. He points at the bread and says “pan para usted” and points at me, and then points at the cheese and fork and says “sin pan para usted” and points at Lynne. With our next round it was jamon (ham) the same and with the next round it was bacon on pan for me and bacon with fritas patatas (chips) for Lynne, they’ve obviously forgotten what the guy at the bar said about chips being no good because the fry all their battered seafood in the same oil, but its the thought that counts. While we were there we had a call from my Mum to say Happy Birthday and then a text and a call from Francesca to say the same and tell us about the new reformed Helmut that fetches and gives – unbelievable!

We then had a brandy each and tottered home to bed. (After a nightcap of course, or in my case a couple as I was writing this;-). Hasta manana

6th December

Yet another bright day. I woke early and left Lynne to get another hour and a half’s sleep. Light breakfast and then set to moving all the wood. Used the area of concrete hard standing by the back wall to make a new stockpile of kindling. Emptied the wreck of a paint store and took the tins to the bazura. Then demolished the wreck and swept up all the rubbish to leave the red bricks exposed for Peter. It looks neater at the back than I can ever remember.

Got cleaned up and had a lovely quiet afternoon. I painted a birthday card for Lynne using the picture of Helmut on my phone, as I had got a load of grief from Lynne about not having a birthday card for her as I hadn’t seen any. It came out okay and Lynne seems to like it.

Keith dropped Audrey off with us and went to pick up their friends who were joining us for dinner. We got to the restaurant first and Keith turned up a few minutes later alone, saying the house was locked up and dark. We waited 15 mins then sat down. An excellent dinner that was fine for Lynne, if a little limited.

Home for a nightcap and bed before a busy birthday tomorrow.

5th December

Lynne woke early, so I did too; to the thought that the banks will be closed like Mercadona tomorrow. So we won’t be able to get Peter his deposit. Also thought that they might closed Friday too, because banks are like that. So we need to check this morning on our way out of Calpé. Then it started to get light to another clear day.

So we had a bath and got the day going. Lynne called Keith about the banks and learned that Calpé market is Friday because of the fiestas. Then we decided that Lynne would check the bank while I filled the the car. No notices but Lynne spoke with a couple of English ladies who assured us that the bank would be open, just like Keith did. So that will have to be business morning.

The drive up to Xeraco was no problem. Need to update the directions Keith got us and return them (done). The train journey into Valencia was delightful passing through huge areas of rice paddies with load of Little Eggrets, which makes us think that the one on Calpé beach was lost.

Arrived in Valencia English lunchtime and hungry to find that everywhere appeared to be café and pastries. So we found the EMT35 bus to the bit of Valencia Lynne wanted to see, the Ciutat de les Art y les Ciencies (I think).

Took loads of great photos but the place was shut because Queen Sophia (is it?) was visiting tomorrow for the festivities, for sure the level of clean up going on makes preparations for a visit of the the QEII look quite poor.

So Lynne had an idea, lets get the bus back to the station and get the train back to Xeraco and drive down to Denia for lunch and the afternoon. So we go back to the bus richer in photos but not much else. I suggested that we explore a few of the back streets and we found a pedestrian street with a few café bars and one had Paellia Valenciana. Didn’t even ask the price but ordered “un ración”, tea, coffee and water. A huge plateful for €8 each plus the drinks. It was true Piellia Valenciana with Jamon, Sausage and Black Pudding. I was worried about the last but it is made with rice around here (spooky that) and hours later we knew that Lynne was okay. BRILLIANT! A piella that we both enjoyed. We hassled the server for the bill and caught a train straight back to Xeraco. While we were on the train I got a phone call from Peter Fiebert our builder inviting us to go to lunch in the mountains with him via a ‘flea market’ in Jalon on Saturday. Naturally we said yes (as Calpé market is on Friday this week 😉 It fell right into my prediction the previous day that I could see us becoming friends with Peter.

Then we drove the N332 down to Denia. Lynne was asleep for the bit before Gandia where there were ‘working women’ (mostly South American looking) plying their trade along the main road.

When we got to Denia we parked on the road next to our favourite car park next to the station (because it was closed) and walked into town. Our favourite Milanese Silver Jeweller had gone. We had a good walk around and shop before hitting the motorway back to Benissa and the main road to Calpé. I didn’t see anywhere to get Lynne a birthday card but a good bottle of perfume has made up for it – phew! I got some really nice shoes and a new scent, plus one for Francesca to say thank you for looking after the dog and cats and house. Cheap at twice the price considering.

We hit Mercadona for GF bread and pan for me. We then hit the Lagonda for a pint of cider for Lynne before hitting our new watering hole across the road. The first thing the Senora asked was Lynne ‘bien’, obviously meaning was she okay after last night’s meal and beamed when Lynne indicated she was fine. We had a few drinks and after ‘la cuenta’ she gave us each a Soberano. So we are well in there now.

4th December

Yet another bright and sunny day. And a gentle start as we have the architect coming today, so we have had to postpone our trip to Valencia till tomorrow.

Passed the morning pottering in the garden and doing some logging. Also Keith called around about the telly exposed by the garage clear out and we tried it, but it was knackered so it ended up in the bazura.

Peter turned up about 12:20 and set to on the toilet tap, it only took him five minutes to fit the one I’d bought ages ago and never had the nerve to fit. Then, after a flurry of calls about where Nirvana actually is, the Architect, Manuel J Cabrera (then something double-barreled) Dr. de Arquitectura, arrived and introductions made all round – its Manolo to his friends, “his nickname” as he put it. We then let Peter and him discuss what we were proposing but it soon turned to a conversation about the state of the steel beams. They need cleaning off of paint and concrete and protection coating before being rendered over properly if they are still sound. Otherwise we are looking at a complete change of priority and expenditure. Manolo was insistent that we need a ‘topograph’ or survey to validate the size of the plot and the building on it. (Apparently we are allowed a maximum of 0.3m2 of living space per 1m2 of land area.) An extra €500 we weren’t expecting but of future use so a good investment. Manolo’s fee is €1500. So that’s €2000 + IVA of course. Manolo explained about Obra Major and Obra Minor. The change of use as we would know it by walling in the balcony and effectively adding another room is definitely Obra Major and needs his services. Changing the coloured and bedroom windows, and the garage door are not and are Obra Minor. Apparently the Town Hall fees are higher for Obra Minor but that is more than off-set by not needing an architect and survey. He was clearly concerned about the steel beams, but then showed a fascination with Hadrian’s Wall, we mentioned coming from Northern England and he asked if that is near it, and has an ambition to walk its length. He then told us all about needing iron for our citrus trees and what to do with the Nispero. So we got some history and horticultural advice thrown in for free.

Before setting off for our new watering hole we called down at Keith’s and sorted out the AFPO website foibles in less than an hour. The Señora has really got her head around what the guy at the end of the bar said. She brought us a tapas with our first round that had only one piece of pan to one side. Same again with the second round. We then had an intense but positive session over the menu and ended up with a salad to start then Conejo con Ajilla for the main course. We had flan to finish. All washed down with a couple of beers and glasses of rosada. With coffees and two Soberano and the pre-prandial rounds the whole thing was only €43 total. An excellent evening.

The stars looked very bright in a clear sky on our walk home for a nightcap after a lovely meal at our new watering hole. Probably the best day weatherwise yet, shame about the house!

3rd December

Up sharp, breakfast and dressed in scruffs to sort out what we can get into the big trailer. Perran and Ben turn up just after 8:30 and we get the wardrobes and fridge into the trailer, plus the radiogram, a box of books, the washer and spinner and a load of other stuff including bedding and a full but rotten case, didn’t even look inside it it was so mank. Turned up another telly too. Called Keith about it and arranged for him to call round tomorrow morning to see if it works and can be passed on. Also arranged to go down to his house at teatime tomorrow to sort out the website foibles.

Then bathed and ready for town. Call Peter to see about payment only to find that he has been called into the Town Hall, so agree to meet him again at 11:30. As suspected they now want architect’s drawings so Lynne decides its time to “just pay the man”. He is apologetic about his estimate that he has with him as it is now with IVA as it has to all be official. We arrange with Peter that we will talk to our Abogado, Linda Townsend to get the name she recommended before. So we go down to her office to find out it is Manolo Cabrera 96 583 12 29. Had a cuppa at Café Dany’s and then call the number. The lady who answers says she will speak with the architect and call us back.

Call into Mercadona on the way home. The architect himself calls during lunch, mentions Linda’s recommendation and offers to call at 12:30 tomorrow, we take his arm off. Call Peter to tell him and he offers to be there. Going to Valencia gets postponed till Wednesday.

Do some logging during the afternoon. Then into town to walk the market street when there is no market on. We thought for a moment we were on the wrong street. But we found the Moebles and bought the coat stand for the hall. Took it back and left the car at the house. Found a delightful Spanish bar opposite Lagonda (closed on Monday). Could be our new watering hole?

2nd December

Another bright sunny day with a gentle start before setting off for Guadalest.

Usual stops at the Farmers Co-operative and the bag shop. Bought the rug we promised ourselves last trip to go in front of the fire in winter.

Had a very pleasant lunch at La Xorta. “Coeliaca? No problema!” We both had the ‘menu del dia’ which was melon with ham, roast leg of lamb with sliced potatoes and pud (Lynne had fresh pineapple and I had ice cream). It came with wine and bread. They also gave us a shot of a delightful liquer that Lynne correctly identified as Blackberry. We decided to forget the Royal India and booked lunch for Lynne’s birthday on Friday.

Perrand called while we were at La Xorta and we arranged for him to call with a mate, Ben, and his large trailer. Perrand said to take advantage of the size of it. Agreed €40 for the job.

Lynne had a siesta when we got home then we went to Lagonda when she woke up. I baked her baguettes and we had a bocadillo supper – very nice. Which made us quite late to bed.

1st December

Despite early night – a good long sleep. Lynne slept the clock round. Called Perran but his phone was off.

Got to Calpé market about 11am. Walked the length of it and bought a new tortilla pan for the UK. Bought throws for sofa and chairs.

Called into LB for rest & recreation. Stopped at Mercadona for some bits to go with aubergines we bought on the market. Lynne invented a wonderful stuffed aubergine dish.

Ended up staying in. Had a long chat to Cesca on MSN.

30th November

Another bright sunny start. Stuck in waiting for the freezer to be delivered. I baked one of the GF baguettes from Mercadona (5 mins to warm the oven & 10 mins to bake) and fried sausage. With my pan (bread) we both had bocadillos for breakfast. It was nice to see Lynne enjoying bread.

The freezer arrived just after 11am. They guys delivering it seemed pleased it was going in the garage and not upstairs. Spent about 45 mins cutting wood for logs for the dumpy stove for this evening. Lynne has decide she wants an easel for painting so we will go into to town this afternoon when things have reopened. Then realised I’d forgotten to call Perran, he had asked me to call again this morning.

Then went back to town and bought Lynne her birthday present; an easel, paints and brushes, plus a canvas and a board. The Lagonda was not open (as in we were too early) so we went to ‘Frankies bar’.

Early night.

29th November

Up bright and early to bathe so be on time for Peter at the Town Hall. (Actually we both slept badly. But Lynne did revive the fire!) The day was bright & sunny but cool.

Got to town early enough to have a cuppa and be on time for Peter at the Town Hall. He was slightly late as he went to the house first! (Thumb up…) The application went through easy, Peter was surprised, he says Benissa is impossible without €1k of architect’s drawing. It would seem that Lynne’s prints were a suitable “substitución”! The ‘permissions’ will take between 10 & 14 days. One glitch was being asked for Lynne’s NIE number letter. Found Joyce’s so Lynne signed as her. Peter put in the price of front work only to keep the Town Hall fee (€150 + 4%) down. He will bring us a full “estimate” before we go. Called at Marcia’s Dance Centre to clarify the forms in the post. Dropped off one copy at the new Santa Lucia office on Gadriel Miro, then went to Café Dany’s to celebate, and found the ‘missing’ NIE letter.

Went to buy the freezer we’d looked at the other day. The sales lady could not have more helpful. We got an extra discount and free next day delivery. We chose the A+ rated model on the grounds the extra would pay itself back over time in reduced running costs.

Went home via the delicattesen on the Moraira road. Its German and does GF! Bought some GF Bandnudeln, which Lynne put in the soup for lunch. Spent the afternoon demolishing the two awful melamine wardrobes in the hall and getting ready for K&A’s visit for drinkies. Also removed the double layer of tie-on covers from the sofa & chairs. They went straight into the bazura.

Lynne put together the nibbles from Mercadona and I did a load of logs with the chainsaw. Called Perran about bringing his trailer round to cart away the remains of the wardrobes, but he asked me to call again in the morning.

Very pleasant evening with K&A for drinkies and burning lots of logs.

28th November

Lie in util 9:15 – 10 hrs sleep! I must’ve needed it. Perran’s guy turned up while we were still in bed to finish the strimming he couldn’t finish in the dark on Monday. Asked him to get rid of the Yukka too.

The gas went on the boiler while running the bath this morning. Very deep but tepid bath today. Decide to defer lunch at LB to Sunday.

Spend a while resurrecting the chain saw chain. Just need a plug to make it work again. Can get one when get new gas.

Go to LB and play a few games with new dominoes. Then onto Royal India for dinner. Then on to Lagonda for a couple of drinks.

27th November

Got going early. Admittedly I was slow and grumpy about it but breakfast was nice – grated apple, yoghourt and honey on GF cornflakes. And got to Altea market by ten.

It was grey and raining in Calpe but looked brighter towards Altea, but no it was raining there too so we bought a brolly. We both needed cash so we walked the length of the market to the cash machine. Lynne spotted a smart cardie. Had tea, coffee & TdP in a smart new place, Cafe Diesel by the garage. Very nice TdP! Walked back along the market. It almost stopped raining for a while but once it started again stallholders started packing up, even though it was barely past 11:30. Lynne got her cardie but it was a close call. Gave it up as a wet loss and headed for LB for a cuppa.

Watched a couple playing dominoes and the rain over two cuppas, then headed home via Mercadona as Lynne wanted peppers. We decided to have lunch at LB tomorrow.

Lynne invented a wonderful new dish which she called Calpé Chicken. She wrote it down in her Palm.

Spent the afternoon in; me updating the laptop & Lynne painting postcards – one was a portrait of her new cardie.

Went into town and looked chest freezers. Came to the conclusion that most are C rated but found one rated A+ for €590. Found a Tabacas to get stamps and saw that 500g of Golden Virginia was €45, or about £30 for Alan. Found I didn’t have his number in my phone to text the price to him.

Then it was car and bar. Over a few drinks decided to go for the A+ model. Then it was home, snack and bed. Tried to e-mail Alan the baccy price at work.

26th November

Up with the alarm and a sharp start. Called Peter & Perran and arranged for them to call later in the day. Peter late afternoon & Perran early evening. Went to Las Barcas in the port for a Tortilla de Patatas breakfast then into town to shop at that Mercadona. Called into Dompti before the shop and got some bits including waste bins and scarves for Mums.

Stopped off at LB for a cuppa on the way home.

25th November

Lazy morning after yesterday’s travel. When I did get up and out I found La Merced was closed and up for rent too! Called Keith but missed the supermercado at La Fustera too by being too slow starting. Drove into town and looked at the damage and how the repairs are coming on. Took some photos

Took the Marmite down to Keith and were treated to a few G&T’s. Walked to the Royal India for dinner (but were picked up by Keith on his way to the garage and saved some time). Had a good Indian curry, so Lynne decided it is a safe place to eat so we booked her birthday there.

Then we went to the Lagonda for a few drinks. Finally we tottered home and to bed after a nightcap.

24th November

Kids arrived in good time and we had lunch together before the taxi arrived and took us to the airport. No check-in again – real nice! But security was a nightmare. The liquids thing is still in place so they took the two cans of orange juice I was carrying. They queried the two jars of Marmite but Lynne made the point that they were not liquids and were factory sealed, so they gave way. But on her part used perfume they were less helpful. The young man wanted Lynne to go back out to information to get a clear plastic bag to carry it in. But as we had online check-ins she would then have to go to the check-in desk to get a new boarding card! A senior security person produced a clear plastic bag, which went straight back into the back pack as soon as we got into the duty-free shop around the corner. What a waste of time.

Flight okay apart from a pack of five ‘lads’ pissed and loud just behind us. But the flight was half empty so we got a row of three seats to ourselves.

Picking up the car was a breeze and turned out to be an automatic Fiesta. It drives well. Uneventful drive up to Calpé and picked up the keys from under the Geranium pot and let ourselves in. (Not realising that we were passing an open Mercandona.) Found the gates open which K said he would do, and the electric on and the new front door only single locked. Learned later that this was part of the K welcome

Then down to the bar, which was shut! Café Ardennes was up for rent. So we went to the Irish pub – the Lagonda it is now called. Then home for a nightcap and to bed.