Ducks and Drakes

The thing that’s most amusing
About feeding ducks and drakes
Is that every time they see us
They think of bread and cakes.

They pursue us round their rivers,
Their lakes and murky ponds,
And think that we produce bread
By the use of magic wands.

In Summertime they flourish
But they still take food from us,
I guess they like the bread we give
And just a little fuss.

In Autumn they’re amenable
To anything we give,
They’re stocking up for Winter
Through which they want to live.

They’re ultra keen in winter
When the pickings are quite lean,
So they heavily rely upon
The human food machine.

But please don’t think you’ll ever
Attract these guys in Spring
Because with hormones surging
Their minds on just one thing.

© Lynne Joyce 01.01.2012


From Animals, Friends & People

Neat, nocturnal ballerinas,
Graceful guardians of the night,
Acrobatic twilight Venus’
Soar and swoop in silent flight.

Insectivorous patrollers,
Sentries of the midnight skies,
Beneficial pest controllers
Squeak their guiding radar cries.

Helpful, harmless gentle creatures,
Victims of mythology,
Have fascinating facial features,
Are worthy of a eulogy.