Air Miles Smiles

Seen in Lisbon April 2009

I’ve joined the upper clarse again
At lunch at the Gulbenkian,
And with my glarse of wine
I’m mixing with the fine
Most cultured and refined
That Portugal can find,
This culture vulture show
Is the way I choose to go
And I wear a cap that fits
Whilst staying at The Ritz,
But the reason for my sneer
Is that Air Miles got me here!

© Lynne Joyce

Air Stewardess

“Stewardess, Stewardess, what have you there?”
“A face fully made up and neatly styled hair.”
“Stewardess, Stewardess, what do you do?”
“Make passes at rich men. Why not? Wouldn’t you?”
“Stewardess, Stewardess, what is your aim?”
“To catch someone wealthy, get out of this game.”
“Stewardess, Stewardess, are you sincere?”
“No, never on duty. My smile hides a sneer.”
“Stewardess, Stewardess, is that quite fair?”
“Its part of the deal when you travel by air.”