Apple Lesson Learned

When buying Apple iOS kit with fixed RAM installed do not buy the minimum memory, always go one step higher.

On previous devices we have always gone maximum memory and the 64GB in my iPhone4S and iPad1 at ???GB most of that investment was wasted lying empty for the whole time I used the device before upgrading or it dying.

So with the iPhone6 and iPad Air I went to minium RAM, and now I keep hitting storage almost full issues. The lesson came down to me with Francesca’s iPhone4, provoked by getting frustrated with her four year old Fred Flintstone Garmin SatNav and discovering that her iPhone4 is only 8GB and any idea of putting CoPilot on it has got scuppered!

Bless Lynne, she has offered to give Francesca her old iPhone4 now the iPhone6 has arrived to use as a dedicated SatNav.