Wrinkly Wrestler


Wrinkly Wrestler

Beware the Spanish Lady at the bus stop,
Beware her manic look and steely grip
On her battle tool, the tartan shopping trolley
That she rams into your ankle or your hip.

Don’t waste sympathy on her because she’s ancient,
For these ancient Spanish ladies are a pest,
When the bus comes she will floor you without conscience,
And your partner and your children and the rest.

Beware people who are waiting at the bus stop,
In line, all calm, all queueing patiently,
She will disregard your civilised behaviour
And shove right past you, unashamedly.

So beware the Spanish lady at the bus stop,
Don’t be fooled into believing that she’s weak,
For she’ll throw you to the ground without a murmur,
She’s a trolley-wielding, ancient, wrestling freak!

Lynne Joyce July 2009