The Rain In Spain Falls Mainly On Us!

Howling winds and driving rain
Assault us here in sunless Spain,
Whilst back at home, in the UK
The sun will crack the flags today.

Each time this happens I despair
My lack of thermal underwear,
And wonder where in Spain I buy
Wellingtons to keep me dry?

I need a sturdy, fleece-lined mac
To keep me dry ‘til I get back
To the UK when, no doubt,
There’ll be lots of rain about.

España then will doubtless be
Scorching summer territory,
And people over there will wonder
How we managed to cause thunder.

Its May and here there’s rain and snow,
And why it’s happened, they don’t know,
It’s headlined in the National news,
‘Spanish Freaky Weather Blues.’

They tell us last week was so hot
The record keepers lost the plot,
But on the day that we came here
The weather changed to wet from clear.

We came for sun and sea and sex
But now we’re soggy, frozen wrecks,
Hiding from the raging storm,
Holed up, trying to keep warm!

We’re going to put ourselves about
As instant cures for National drought,
Tour the World in Wellingtons
And take each rainstorm as it comes!

We try to make the best of it
And just accept the rest of it,
Our only respite from our pains –
Inside bars, it never rains!

Lynne Joyce, 04.05.2010