The Monumental Butt

Monumental Butt.
Observed in Calpe, May 2009

Its monumental butt day
And here’s a girl to fit,
For every time she turns around
There’s no escaping it.

Her torso is quite normal,
Her breasts are small and neat,
But her great big butt and belly
Means she can’t see her feet.

Her figure’s an explosion
Of extraordinary size
That gravity has taken
To her belly, butt and thighs.

She wears some clingy leggings
That stop around her knees
And as she wobbles down the street
She seems unduly pleased.

‘If you’ve got it flaunt it,’
Is what she seems to say,
She’s undoubtedly a finalist
On this, her special day.

Lynne Joyce, June 2009.