Spanglish to Speek

Spanglish Dictionary

“Dos cervesa”loudly shouted,
That’s a Spanglish speaker outed,
Whilst “Bier Senor,” from moustached men,
Speutch is being used again.

Spançais is very rarely heard
For the French don’t know a word
Of anybody else’s tongue,
Because other languages are wrong!

Spedish is another matter,
Listen to their melodic chatter,
And you won’t understand a bit,
Except the music notes in it.

Sporwegian, now that’s very tough,
Sounding as it does, quite gruff,
And most confusing, if you please,
The Slavic sounds of Sportugese.

If you hear the sound of water rushin’,
That is someone speaking Spussian,
Cast an ear, a very wary ‘un
To hear somebody speak Spungarian.

That macho man with the medallion,
I reckon that he speaks Spitalian,
And the hairy board game freak,
I bet that he’ll converse in Speek!

For every tourist in Spain tries
But words will always hybridise,
So how do Spanish serving staff
Cope with this and never laugh?

I bet that they are really dying
To laugh until their eyes are crying,
But they are kindly and polite
And keep their laughter locked up tight.

So worry not, don’t stick to English,
Have a go at speaking Spanglish,
Make mistakes and try again,
They’re very tolerant in Spain!

© Lynne Joyce, 05-05-2007.