Snickety Snackety Horrible Bitey Things

Port wine stains spread from a minute puncture
Made by snickety-snackety horrible bitey things,
Mosquitoes, midges, horseflies, gnats and hornets,
All snickety-snackety horrible bites on wings,

Soon I’ll be overwhelmed with the fearful itching
Caused by their snickety-snackety horrible bitey stings,
Then I’ll develop manic paranoia
About snickety-snackety horrible bitey things!

Why do they traverse half the world to find me?
Why is my blood so popular for lunch?
Why do they all ignore so-called repellents?
Why do they choose to turn my skin to bumps?

I look like a relief map of the mountains.
I feel I’ve got live volcanoes on my skin.
And all of this disfiguring discomfort
Is down to snickety-snackety horrible bitey things!

© Lynne Joyce, 01/11/01