Shopping Centre Lament

Every time that I meander
Round shopping centres seeking lunch
They’re serving Carrot and Coriander
Soup, a dish that lacks in punch.

When did Carrot and Coriander
Soup become so fashionable?
Why does it appear on every menu,
It’s so bloody predictable?

Whatever happened to Cream of Mushroom,
Minestrone and Scotch Broth?
When did Carrot and Coriander
Oust them and incur my wrath?

Cream of Chicken tastes of Chicken,
Mulligatawny tastes of spice,
Carrot and Coriander tastes of nothing,
It’s textureless and isn’t nice.

I guess that for the caterers
Cheap and easy wins the day,
So with very little effort,
Lots of profit comes their way.

The fashion for Carrot and Coriander
Is boring and lamentable
So caterers, serve something else
That’s tasty and delectable.

Lynne Joyce 25.01.2017