Madame Shriek at The Chicken Shack

Please save me from shrill women,
Especially when they’re French,
My hearing’s being assaulted
By a shrieking, manic wench,
Who thinks that conversation
Is a competition,
Together with her partner
They make the supposition,
That if they both get louder
And interrupt their friends,
They’ve won the competition,
And thus the contest ends.

They revelled in their bullying
That made their friends retreat,
Deafened by their volume,
They made a quick retreat.
The shrieker and her husband
Don’t really give a care
About the people near them,
They only want to air
Narcissistic verbal tactics
In tones both loud and shrill,
Not knowing that their antics
Make me want to KILL!

The Chicken Shack, 15.05.2016