Genetic Modification

Sitting in the local watering hole between two groups of expat Essex folk (we sometimes refer to Calpe as Costa Essex) inspired me to write this –

I’m becoming a geneticist,
Not a doctor or a clown,
And I have a clear objective
To calm Essex people down.

I’ll turn their squawking into whispers,
Their screeching to a hiss,
Their bragging into modesty,
Their confrontation to a kiss.

I’ll make their dress respectable
Instead of loud and brash,
I’ll make them spend discretely,
Rather than flash the cash.

Bleached hair, fake tans and make up
Will become yesterday’s news,
And I’ll ensure they listen
To other people’s views.

But my best as a geneticist,
Not a doctor or a clown,
Is with everyone from Essex

Lynne Joyce 24.09.2015