Accoutrements of Age

Who needs it?

I’ve got fat hips and a belly
That are made of Rowntrees jelly
In a rather sickly shade of pinky beige,
I’ve got loads of cellulite,
So I cover up at night
All the dimply bits that give away my age.

I’ve got a pair of knackered knees,
And a physio, if you please,
So my orthopaedic surgeon’s living well.
I have a surgeon for my face
Who simply can’t keep pace
With the damage I engendered when I fell.

He can fill the dented bits
But its well beyond his wits
To undo damage done by partying and drink.
He would like to do botox
To turn back my facial clock,
Because I’m a great deal older than you think.

But I don’t give a light
About bags and cellulite,
Or about my saggy, dimply, ageing skin,
Because what really matters
Is not about the wrappers,
It’s about the special woman that’s within.

Lynne Joyce, 02-05-2007.