USA Trips

I suppose that this section can be justly accused of being a real ‘nerdy family section’, but I hope that my family at least will derive some enjoyment from it.

It Started With a Kiss

As the picture caption says… If I hadn’t kissed Lynne I would not have ended up marrying her and probably would never have gone to the States. That first trip was in Feb 1995 to get married in Las Vegas on Valentine’s Day. We had seven nights in Vegas but spent one of them at the Grand Canyon. I will never forget that first view!

The next trip was for our 5th Wedding Anniversary in 2000. We had a wonderful car and drove about 2,000 miles to do the ‘Grand Circle Tour’. Google for it if you want to know more about what it is.

The latest trip was 2005 for our 10th Wedding Anniversary. And boy what a trip!

My intention is to update it on a semi-regular basis, adding or changing the graphics on each page to give a rolling illustration of the diary text. I also hope to scan in things from the ephemera to add atmosphere. Each new US trip will be added as when they happen (= afforded!)

Keep coming back, as there’s lots to share and I will add more and more to it over the coming weeks and months.