Autumn/Winter 2008


This short journal is about our November / December trip to Spain. The second this year and the second in the car. The reason behind it this time was to have some time in France and Barcelona on the way to give Lynne a break as my way of saying “Thank you for looking after me and for all your hard work following my broken ankle.”

The round trip was a tad under 5,000 km or about 3,125 miles and the Jeep literally cruised it. We also realised that it is possible to pick up the Euroroute E15 at the entrance of Calais docks and follow it all the way to Calpé but that necessitates going around Paris. So the next time I am thinking the route will be the E15 from Calais to the E17 around Reims and then pick up the E15 again and follow it all the way to Calpé.