7th Feb – New York to Las Vegas

Up early again, so had a bath and went down at 6:15am for an early breakfast in the hotel restaurant called the New York Marketplace. Had a three egg omelette with ham & American cheese and breakfast potatoes (small cubed saute with skins). Lynne had the buffet with fruit followed by scrambled eggs, bacon & breakfast potatoes. Really good.

Got a cab to Newark Airport, which took about 35 mins. Again the check-in was smooth & easy, giving us time in the airport.

Got a window seat by sitting at the back. Just behind a group of three IT types, one of whom was a real NY loudmouth. They drank steadily & got louder as they did. However when disembarking we had a chat and they were really nice. The up side was that the weather was clear and the view great all the way. Fabulous views of the Colorado Plateau (part of which we are sure is the area called the Great Escalante Staircase – of which more later) on the approach to Las Vegas McCarron International Airport. On internal flights the headphones have to be rented, so having our own really paid off.

Las Vegas did an Amsterdam on us – baggage on wrong belt, but after that we got out onto the concourse to find it completely different & 5 times bigger. Later learned we were in the main building this time as there was no need for Immigration, which is in a separate terminal for International flights. We were security checked LEAVING the concourse – its to ensure people really have their own luggage so their trip is not spoilt.

Found the shuttle bus after a little difficulty and got to the Alamo lot. No problem with the advance booking. Tried to sell me up to a sports utility vehicle (4×4 type) but with Lynne sat outside with the luggage I declined, only to be told that the Pontiac Grand Am allocated did not have cruise control! So upgraded to a Standard car. And what a car! A Dodge Intrepid 2000 – long, lean & mean. It came with just 99 miles on the clock. No problems starting the car this time!

Got to Ballys OK. Asked to be put up high & told them of NY 3325. They put us on the 24th, a lovely large room with a 4 poster bed with a mirror on the underside so you see yourself instead of the ceiling! The view was West overlooking the Bellagio (an empty lot when we were in the Aladdin 5 years before) and we see the fountain show on the half hour. Also, the block between the Aladdin and Bally’s that was a car park and a few small shops on a mini-mall is now the Paris, complete with its 2/3rd scale model of the Eiffel Tower. Self-parked and had a ridiculous walk through the Paris to get to Bally’s to get to reception. Valet parking is free, and worth a $2 tip, to save on the huge walk.

Had dinner in the buffet – cheap & cheerful. Also Lynne had gluten problems!

Drink at the bar & early to bed