6th December

Yet another bright day. I woke early and left Lynne to get another hour and a half’s sleep. Light breakfast and then set to moving all the wood. Used the area of concrete hard standing by the back wall to make a new stockpile of kindling. Emptied the wreck of a paint store and took the tins to the bazura. Then demolished the wreck and swept up all the rubbish to leave the red bricks exposed for Peter. It looks neater at the back than I can ever remember.

Got cleaned up and had a lovely quiet afternoon. I painted a birthday card for Lynne using the picture of Helmut on my phone, as I had got a load of grief from Lynne about not having a birthday card for her as I hadn’t seen any. It came out okay and Lynne seems to like it.

Keith dropped Audrey off with us and went to pick up their friends who were joining us for dinner. We got to the restaurant first and Keith turned up a few minutes later alone, saying the house was locked up and dark. We waited 15 mins then sat down. An excellent dinner that was fine for Lynne, if a little limited.

Home for a nightcap and bed before a busy birthday tomorrow.