3rd December

We are getting good at the breakfast thing and filled up again in preparation for the day.

Today we decided we would go to the Museo Picasso for our culture vulture bit and then on to see La Sagrada Familia (aka the Gaudi Cathedral).

Again the art museum took most of the morning to work our way around and very good it was too. The museum is in a old part of the city that has very narrow streets that are barrier controlled to allow only residents and public service vehicles in. We then strolled through the old quarter to find a main street to catch a taxi to the cathedral.

La Sagrada Familia is an amazing piece of architecture that was started more than a hundred years ago and is still not complete. It is currently a site of intense activity as it is due to be completed in 20/25 years. I guess that it stood part built for a very long time indeed. The inside of the cathedral is a mass of scaffolding but the museum in the crypt is fascinating. It tells how Gaudi designed the cathedral as a set of models and how these were all lost in a fire.

By the time we finished it was getting on for tea-time so we decided to walk in the direction of the Plaça de Catalunya to catch a taxi back to the hotel. In the process we came across two more Gaudi buildings, so it was a bumper day for his architecture.

We went to La Boquetta again and had the speciality kebabs for our third meal there. When we had our puds there was very little left in the Carlos Primero bottle so I offered to buy it from them but they insisted on giving us the remainder as two modest measures. So we consumed a whole bottle in just three nights. When we got back to the hotel there was actually a member of staff behind the bar so we just had to have a nightcap (or two), knowing that we could take a leisurely start in the morning for the four hour drive to Calpé.