3rd December

Up sharp, breakfast and dressed in scruffs to sort out what we can get into the big trailer. Perran and Ben turn up just after 8:30 and we get the wardrobes and fridge into the trailer, plus the radiogram, a box of books, the washer and spinner and a load of other stuff including bedding and a full but rotten case, didn’t even look inside it it was so mank. Turned up another telly too. Called Keith about it and arranged for him to call round tomorrow morning to see if it works and can be passed on. Also arranged to go down to his house at teatime tomorrow to sort out the website foibles.

Then bathed and ready for town. Call Peter to see about payment only to find that he has been called into the Town Hall, so agree to meet him again at 11:30. As suspected they now want architect’s drawings so Lynne decides its time to “just pay the man”. He is apologetic about his estimate that he has with him as it is now with IVA as it has to all be official. We arrange with Peter that we will talk to our Abogado, Linda Townsend to get the name she recommended before. So we go down to her office to find out it is Manolo Cabrera 96 583 12 29. Had a cuppa at Café Dany’s and then call the number. The lady who answers says she will speak with the architect and call us back.

Call into Mercadona on the way home. The architect himself calls during lunch, mentions Linda’s recommendation and offers to call at 12:30 tomorrow, we take his arm off. Call Peter to tell him and he offers to be there. Going to Valencia gets postponed till Wednesday.

Do some logging during the afternoon. Then into town to walk the market street when there is no market on. We thought for a moment we were on the wrong street. But we found the Moebles and bought the coat stand for the hall. Took it back and left the car at the house. Found a delightful Spanish bar opposite Lagonda (closed on Monday). Could be our new watering hole?