2nd December

Another bright sunny day with a gentle start before setting off for Guadalest.

Usual stops at the Farmers Co-operative and the bag shop. Bought the rug we promised ourselves last trip to go in front of the fire in winter.

Had a very pleasant lunch at La Xorta. “Coeliaca? No problema!” We both had the ‘menu del dia’ which was melon with ham, roast leg of lamb with sliced potatoes and pud (Lynne had fresh pineapple and I had ice cream). It came with wine and bread. They also gave us a shot of a delightful liquer that Lynne correctly identified as Blackberry. We decided to forget the Royal India and booked lunch for Lynne’s birthday on Friday.

Perrand called while we were at La Xorta and we arranged for him to call with a mate, Ben, and his large trailer. Perrand said to take advantage of the size of it. Agreed €40 for the job.

Lynne had a siesta when we got home then we went to Lagonda when she woke up. I baked her baguettes and we had a bocadillo supper – very nice. Which made us quite late to bed.