29th November

Up bright and early to bathe so be on time for Peter at the Town Hall. (Actually we both slept badly. But Lynne did revive the fire!) The day was bright & sunny but cool.

Got to town early enough to have a cuppa and be on time for Peter at the Town Hall. He was slightly late as he went to the house first! (Thumb up…) The application went through easy, Peter was surprised, he says Benissa is impossible without €1k of architect’s drawing. It would seem that Lynne’s prints were a suitable “substitución”! The ‘permissions’ will take between 10 & 14 days. One glitch was being asked for Lynne’s NIE number letter. Found Joyce’s so Lynne signed as her. Peter put in the price of front work only to keep the Town Hall fee (€150 + 4%) down. He will bring us a full “estimate” before we go. Called at Marcia’s Dance Centre to clarify the forms in the post. Dropped off one copy at the new Santa Lucia office on Gadriel Miro, then went to Café Dany’s to celebate, and found the ‘missing’ NIE letter.

Went to buy the freezer we’d looked at the other day. The sales lady could not have more helpful. We got an extra discount and free next day delivery. We chose the A+ rated model on the grounds the extra would pay itself back over time in reduced running costs.

Went home via the delicattesen on the Moraira road. Its German and does GF! Bought some GF Bandnudeln, which Lynne put in the soup for lunch. Spent the afternoon demolishing the two awful melamine wardrobes in the hall and getting ready for K&A’s visit for drinkies. Also removed the double layer of tie-on covers from the sofa & chairs. They went straight into the bazura.

Lynne put together the nibbles from Mercadona and I did a load of logs with the chainsaw. Called Perran about bringing his trailer round to cart away the remains of the wardrobes, but he asked me to call again in the morning.

Very pleasant evening with K&A for drinkies and burning lots of logs.