27th November

Got going early. Admittedly I was slow and grumpy about it but breakfast was nice – grated apple, yoghourt and honey on GF cornflakes. And got to Altea market by ten.

It was grey and raining in Calpe but looked brighter towards Altea, but no it was raining there too so we bought a brolly. We both needed cash so we walked the length of the market to the cash machine. Lynne spotted a smart cardie. Had tea, coffee & TdP in a smart new place, Cafe Diesel by the garage. Very nice TdP! Walked back along the market. It almost stopped raining for a while but once it started again stallholders started packing up, even though it was barely past 11:30. Lynne got her cardie but it was a close call. Gave it up as a wet loss and headed for LB for a cuppa.

Watched a couple playing dominoes and the rain over two cuppas, then headed home via Mercadona as Lynne wanted peppers. We decided to have lunch at LB tomorrow.

Lynne invented a wonderful new dish which she called Calpé Chicken. She wrote it down in her Palm.

Spent the afternoon in; me updating the laptop & Lynne painting postcards – one was a portrait of her new cardie.

Went into town and looked chest freezers. Came to the conclusion that most are C rated but found one rated A+ for €590. Found a Tabacas to get stamps and saw that 500g of Golden Virginia was €45, or about £30 for Alan. Found I didn’t have his number in my phone to text the price to him.

Then it was car and bar. Over a few drinks decided to go for the A+ model. Then it was home, snack and bed. Tried to e-mail Alan the baccy price at work.