24th November

Kids arrived in good time and we had lunch together before the taxi arrived and took us to the airport. No check-in again – real nice! But security was a nightmare. The liquids thing is still in place so they took the two cans of orange juice I was carrying. They queried the two jars of Marmite but Lynne made the point that they were not liquids and were factory sealed, so they gave way. But on her part used perfume they were less helpful. The young man wanted Lynne to go back out to information to get a clear plastic bag to carry it in. But as we had online check-ins she would then have to go to the check-in desk to get a new boarding card! A senior security person produced a clear plastic bag, which went straight back into the back pack as soon as we got into the duty-free shop around the corner. What a waste of time.

Flight okay apart from a pack of five ‘lads’ pissed and loud just behind us. But the flight was half empty so we got a row of three seats to ourselves.

Picking up the car was a breeze and turned out to be an automatic Fiesta. It drives well. Uneventful drive up to Calpé and picked up the keys from under the Geranium pot and let ourselves in. (Not realising that we were passing an open Mercandona.) Found the gates open which K said he would do, and the electric on and the new front door only single locked. Learned later that this was part of the K welcome

Then down to the bar, which was shut! Café Ardennes was up for rent. So we went to the Irish pub – the Lagonda it is now called. Then home for a nightcap and to bed.