21st November

Saturday is Calpe Market day so up and out pretty smartish, collecting the laundry from Lavanderia Ana that we dropped off yesterday on our way out. Surprise, surprise we got a parking space on the main road by the Ford dealership next to Aitana Bricolaje.

The next two hours was spent doing the length of the Market, stopping part way to try a new bar, Bugatti that we won’t try again. Lynne only partly fulfilled her mission to get every seer-sucker short sleeved shirt the ‘shirt man’ had as he didn’t have any in her size. She did buy four shirts, only to be disappointed that one was badly marked in a way that wouldn’t wash out. Then it was time for Cafe Dany’s and again I got a tapas with my beer.

On the way back to the car we had to pass the Muebles, furniture shop, that we bought the computer table from a couple of trips back, so thought we would have a look in and it was a 50% off sale!  And they had something we liked.  The two chests of drawers arrive “maximo Martes”, no later than Tuesday. Stopped at Mercadona for a few things to get us through Sunday and home for lunch with the mushrooms and eggs we bought on the market. Amazing, every egg in the box of six medium eggs was a double yolker!

We drove down to the port and played dominoes at Las Barcas and watched Deportivo beat Athletico Madrid 2-1 with a penalty in the 95th minute. Real shades of a recent Man U win and Ferguson injury time.  We then moved onto HDB for a ‘dose of WiFi’. And spotted Lynne’s Christmas present, so we have to go back tomorrow night