20th November

Today’s weather forecast on the bar tv yesterday was for sunny and cloudy but by 10 am it was a clear blue sky with bright sunshine. A great day for our troll out to Parcent for lunch with Keith and Audrey.

The run up to Parcent was nice in bright sunshine. Part way through lunch our new friends Chris and Ali came in with their visitors from England. We found out later that Chris was disappointed as there was no roast pork left. Apparently the four of us having it had finished it off. It was a nice change being served with beans and carrots and a fine mashed potatoes. 

We came back via a bar in Alcalali where Chris et al caught up with us again. We then drove home via a country route, part way along which we stopped for Lynne to photograph a cock turkey in ‘full rut’!  We dropped Keith and Audrey off and took the car home. This gave us the evening to head for the bar via a bit of WiFi at Hotel Diamonte Beach. At Mejias III we watched the football till quite late  After a pleasant session we started to walk home only to realise very quickly that we had been ‘marked’ by a hoodie and that it would likely not be safe to walk up the dark roads to the house. So to verify if we had been marked I made a fuss about forgetting something and we double backed towards the bar past him and then observed. He carried on towards La Merced but just when we thought we might have been wrong he reappeared and seemed to hang around the junction outside Mercadona. Time for a taxi!  We were greeted with surprise when we re-entered Mejias III and a pantomime developed as we tried to explain that we were being followed. At one point El Jefe asked where the guy was and afterwards Lynne and I were convinced that if it had been outside the bar they would have gone out and decked him. Then our taxi arrived and took us home; Arrival is great value for money by comparison!  A couple of nightcaps were required to steady the nerves before bed. This will change our behaviour in future.