19th November

Another cloudy start with no urgency to get anywhere as we are waiting for the gardener to drop off some spray. Turns out that he literally meant over the road, at our new English neighbour. Her name is Bee and her dog is Leo. The bay tree got sprayed and we had another 30 minute chat about the garden in the process. I noticed that our German neighbour went and had a word with our gardener, which looks like more business. Then she came in to ask us about how reliable is he? Lynne asked her about furniture shops and she said they got all their living room from Teulada. 

The plan to check out furniture shops in Calpe became a plan to go to Teulada.  It took us a couple of hours to walk the length of Teulada’s main ‘drag’ going into every Muebles as there are a lot of them. We found what we want but it is made to order, whick takes four to six weeks. So we came to an arrangement to order it from England before our next trip. 

Finished the evening off by walking down the bar for a few and despite only having had first and second breakfast but no lunch the tapas filled us up. A night cap saw us off to bed at eleven.