18th November

Started off very grey and windy. But as is often the case here the sun as it gets up burns off the clouds but the wind persisted for most of the day only dropping towards sunset.

Another gentle start, heading into town in time to get a haircut. But we started with Victoria Car Rental about a back shelf. When we collected the car it didn’t have one. The woman at the airport office said I should have selected one in the options section on the website. I hadn’t spotted that among the baby seats etc. that fill such options lists. We left the car parked outside the car rental and Lynne took us into the Multiprecios next door. Came out with a new pedal bin and standard lamp plus some energy saver bulbs, the place has an enormous range of them. We left those in the car and got me my haircut. We then dropped into our favourite in-town watering hole, Cafe Dany’s. We got a nice greeting and a new first, a tapas of Olivas with my beer; that hasn’t happened before. On the way home Lynne decided that today was not a good day to try to photograph the large flock of Pink Flamingos currently on Las Salinas as they were ‘hunkered down’ against the wind in a tight bunch right in the middle.

Had a pleasant light lunch with the left over dips from the evening before. Then got Lynne’s online account unlocked by phone that I’d managed to lock at the bank the day before. The funds I’d sent from the UK bank had arrived so I distributed them around accounts and we are solvent again. The clouds looked good for a spectacular sunset so we walked Lynne’s big camera and monopod down to the corner by Pepe Agua’s but it was a complete washout so trudged back to the house.

My Inbox was filling up so I suggested a ‘dose of WiFi’ before Mejias III. The young barman is a delight and we are helping each other with our ‘Spanglish’, learning today that the Spanish pronunciation of WiFi sounds like “wiffee’. The rest of the evening passed very pleasantly at Mejias III watching Spain trounce Austria 5-1, consuming drinks and being fed tapas at regular intervals. ‘El Jefe’ made a break through with Lynne’s gluten intolerance when two of the same tapas came out for another couple so he gave one to us joking that Lynne could have the ham and I could have the bread. I said that this was not possible due ‘contaminacion’. From that point the bread came on a separate plate. How’s that for service, especially for a freebie!