16th November

Despite this being supposed to be a holiday today turned into a business day. A number of lessons were learned:
1. Rates are due on Sept 1st here.
2. The bill comes in the post on the 1st August.
3. Ditto the first half of the Basuras
4. Second half of the Basuras is due 1st April. (So I’m guessing that the bill comes in the post 1st March?)
5. If there are not enough funds in the bank not only does the ‘Recibo’ not get paid but the Direct Debit gets cancelled. (We already knew about not being allowed overdrafts here.)
6. All the above means a trip to SUMA to get a new bill and new direct debit mandate. And there is ALWAYS a queue!

So, we had a longer than expected morning in town queuing at the bank, SUMA and again at the bank. But by the time we returned home for lunch were we no longer debtors. Despite all this we enjoyed the bright sunshine and warmth.

The afternoon was taken up with Monasor coming to measure up for estimates and the gardener coming to be paid for the next six months maintenance.

We decided to ‘eschew’ the WiFi and went straight to Mejias III. We started with the Spanish idea of a G&T, lots of ice and gin with a slice of lemon and a splash of tonic. We then both had the liver from the ‘Menu del Dia’. We finished with a brandy, Soberano for me but Lynne had a Ponche, which is a Spanish brandy liqeur. We strolled home after a pleasant meal to bed.