Zen Upgrade

After many hours over many evenings I have arrived at the knowledge that most of my branding edits are added to the Normalize.css file in the CSS folder of the CNU theme folder in sites/all/themes folder of the Drupal installation. For now (but I might learn how to ‘normalise’ it later) the banner edit is in the Responsive.css file in the sub-folder Layouts. It’d be nice if I could get all the edits into the Normalize.css file eventually. In the meanwhile…

The mark up for the C-N-U branding as captured is:

/* Insert into Body selector */
background-color:#eefae5; /* C-N-U edit: make all pages pale green */
color:#435444; /* C-N-U edit: sets font color to dark green on all pages */
font-family:Arial,sans-serif; /* C-N-U edit: sets the typeface for the whole site */

a:link {color:#435444;} /* C-N-U edit: Link Dark Green Font Colour */
a:visited {color:#432444;} /* C-N-U edit: Visited Link Very Dark Green Font Colour */
a:hover {color:#438444;} /* C-N-U edit: Hover Over Link Mid Green Font Colour */

color:#438444; /* C-N-U edit: Headings Mid Green Font Colour in H1 and H2 etc class declarations */

/* Insert into menu region classes */
background-color: #daefc9; /* C-N-U Edit: set menu background to slightly darker pale green for menus in Responsive.css file */