Set Up Zen & C-N-U Theme Procedure

  • Step 16 continued: now would be a good time to turn my attention to the theme, which should be straightforward. Delete the C-N-U theme, upgrade the Zen theme and create a new C-N-U theme for D7 by copying the STARTERKIT folder up to the Themes level at sites/all/themes. It’s very simple to install following the README.txt file, especially as I’ve saved the normalize.css file from the sites/all/themes/cnu/css folder and the responsive.css file from the sites/all/themes/cnu/css/layouts folder.

    So having sorted the C-N-U theme its back to Modules and the image, galleries and inline insertion thereof conundrum. Install Media and Insert modules. The latter at the recommendation of the Drupal Core Image documentation as the solution to inserting images inline. WYSIWYG wants an URL that I currently don’t have as the images don’t seem to be associated with any nodes (and of course there are nodes that now do not have their images!) I’m really starting to miss the D6 Image module and all its bits like ImageAssist!

    Start to explore the Media and Insert modules and find that Media module has the command Rebuild type information for media, so run that but not sure what the success message “All files in the system have been assigned types. Media installation complete.” really means? Can I see the uploaded images now? So next look at Media browser settings to see what clues lie there? Answer, not a lot – still bamboozled!