‘Resetting’ Raspbian

Loading a new build onto the SD card is really quite straightforward.

  1. Using these steps:
    • Follow this instruction page. (Just remember the em command doesn’t show any progress indication and it takes about and hour and twenty minutes to complete.)
      Update: I have found that using rdisk in the of=/dev/diskX path speeds it up fantastically.
    • Immediately run sudo raspi-config and at the very least expand the root volume to fill the SD card.Followed by sudo bash (needed for this to work properly) and atp-get update && apt-get upgrade to bring it bang up to date.
    • Option: run sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata to set the correct time zone.
    • To be able to connect to the GUI later add TightVNC with the command sudo apt-get install tightvncserver.
  2. The next step is to reinstall the LAMP stack.
    (The php installer recommends the installation of mailx, so need to see what that is and add it to process here if necessary?)
    Optional: Additionally I add phpMyAdmin with the command sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin.
  3. The last step is to reinstall the latest version of Drupal 8 (still currently in Beta – v3 at time of writing) following the INSTALL.txt file.
    Issue: Unfortunately this does not provide a working Drupal installation. I think that the many install fails started around the time I switched to this script rather than using VNC and the GUI to install the LAMP stack. Need to go back and try the GUI again. Also look more closely at the suggested and recommended packages for PHP shown by the installer and try installing all of them. Or is this a Raspbian issue? Too many variables!
  4. Update:Now starting to think the failure is more to do with lack of mod_rewrite support, need to nail down how that is reliably implemented across servers.