Repair Database Then Start To Repeat Upgrade Test

As I know the script will ‘repair’ the database after replacing D6 core with D7 core its worth a wee bit of time to try it before.

So in the MYSQL shell run source DB_repair.sql and see what happens? And nothing seems to have broken! Despite one small error message at the end ERROR 1017 (HY000): Can’t find file: ‘./cnueu_drpldb/d6_date_formats.frm’ (errno: 2).

So next is to repeat the Upgrade process from the web site page

  • Starting with steps 1 through 5 to get into a ‘clean’ state so to speak
  • Step 6 is disable all non-core modules, and if they are not going to be used in D7 to uninstall them from that tab on the page, like if they are deprecated/retired/discontinued, i.e. Image and associated modules. The list for confirmation of uninstalling is:
    • Advanced Help
    • Image
    • ImageAPI
    • ImageCache
    • ImageField
    • Image Attach
    • Image Gallery
    • Image Import
    • Image assist
    • Thickbox
    • Variables API

    This last one because I have no idea what Variables API is for or why its installed! So click the Uninstall button and…
    I’m confused! The page stated the selected modules have been uninstalled, there are one or two permissions errors for the Image module only but all the modules still appear on the Modules List page but not in the Uninstall page! Not sure how to proceed, so will google this issue before proceeding. It occurred to me, do the modules need to be deleted from the disk to disappear from the Modules List page? And the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Also deactivate, uninstall and delete FileField as that was only installed because ImageFiled required it. This appears to leave the system in the perfect state to be upgraded.