Module Upgrade Woes

There are two parts to the modules upgrade. The Themes Module and the Contributed Modules. All need to be replaced with D7 versions, which is where the woes began. Thinking that the database corruption was going to be the worst of my problems and once resolved all would be plain sailing I was not expecting to find a bigger problem! Namely that not all our Contributed Modules had made it into the D7 world.

The worst being Images and associated modules that had become the well worn path trodden to inserting an image into the content via Gallery. Post upgrade we are left with the dozens of images still in the web site and no way to view them or exploit them.

Formatting content was a pain needing manual insertion of HTML tags so we have agreed that a WYSIWYG module is needed to make formatting text easier and capable of inserting images inline too. As yet a gallery option has not offered itself either but when it does Thickbox will also need to be replaced by something like Colorbox or similar.

I decided to tackle the Theme Module upgrade first. Fortunately Zen has made it to the D7 world and deploying it was the usual process of download, extract, delete old and move new into place. But that doesn’t apply to the C-N-U sub-theme as that is my customisation. The online documentation for ‘upgrading’ a sub-theme from D6 to D7 is highly confusing and even contradictory so I decided that the cleaner approach was to do it again from scratch. So all my free time has gone on reverse engineering what I did the first time round in the D5 world that did upgrade easily into the D6 world. D7 is such a major upgrade in preparation for D8, HTML5 and responsive web sites for device independence that it didn’t just roll forward this time, hence the conclusion the to start again. I have now got to the point where I have the core ‘branding’ analysed and captured in a web page.

NB: In studying how to do the new C-N-U Zen sub-theme it is becoming clear that much of the good practice that Zen follows has now been written into Drupal itself so a future option may be to write a ‘native’ sub-theme and drop Zen too?