First Experiences

Assembly is a doddle. It took less than 10 minutes to unpack and assemble the kit ready to connect and power up. The PSU is neat and the SD card was 8GB not the advertised 4GB but it is micro-USB with a snazzily Raspberry logo’ed adapter provided

As I was unsure whether SSH access was possible when it booted into the NOOBS installer I dug out a USB keyboard and mouse and connected it to the HDMI port on the telly. The install of Raspbian (a shortening of Raspberry Debian) Wheezy took less than twenty minutes. I took it upstairs and hooked it up to the network in its working location next to the two NAS boxes.

Access using the SSH command in a Mac Terminal session is easy and the iOS app WebSSH is a delight to use.

(*** Tried it and it don’t work despite much Googling and troubleshooting – tried MOUNT command and editing /ETC/FSTAB ***)

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  1. Thought!
    Look at mounting one of the NAS boxes as that would remove the need to faff about with USB drives to get stuff across from Braeburn, e.g. VM files and database onto it.

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