First Customisation Experience

The first thing that I discovered was that I could not VNC onto the RPi. A bit of googling revealed that a VNC server is not a standard part of the build. SUDO APT-GET INSTALL TIGHTVNCSERVER quickly downloaded and installed it, followed by VNCSERVER to start the first session running on port 5901. Access from VNC clients on Mac and iOS works beautifully.

Next was to transfer the Drupal file system and database from the VM to it. Wheezy proved to be not at all straightforward. USB devices do not auto amount in the shell and I want to use the GUI as little as possible. SUDO APT-GET INSTALL USBMOUNT adds the needed auto-mount facility. But then I hit the next ‘snag’.

All my transfer devices are formatted in EXFAT for maximum sized files and cross compatibility. But Raspbian does not support it as supplied. However a quick SUDO APT-GET INSTALL EXFAT-FUSE overcame this last obstacle.

Looking back: all the above was not such a good idea, I’ve learned to use FTP via Pippin and just wish I could mount its SAMBA share to make it even easier, but hey-ho that time-bandit has had enough of my ‘leisure’ time for now. Rebuilds have blown away the expat-fuse and usbmount additions.