Complete Core Repeat Upgrade

  • Step 7 is to remove default.settings.php in the folder /var/www/sites/default
  • Step 8 is to remove all the core files and folders except the sites folder from /var/www
  • Step 9 is to remove all files from the sites/all/modules folder, which I did earlier
  • Step 10 is to download to a folder outside the web server and install the latest version of Drupal core, which at the time of writing is 7.26 and extract.
  • Step 11 is to re-apply modifications to core files, which does not apply here as I consider it good practice to avoid it where possible, and have done so in so far
  • Step 12 is to make the settings.php file writeable
  • Step 13 is to run update.php on the upgraded installation and get an error that the settings.php file is not writeable. I keep on having to set permissions for everyone not just the pi user (or group), which seems to indicate that apache is not running under the pi user on Raspberry Pi? This is quite slow on the RPi but completes…Successfully with a page of messages – see attached PDF file. But Garland appears broken so switch to Bartik which does work.
  • Step 14 is to take a backup immediately of the upgraded database before attempting anything further. Do this using MYSQLDUMP utility in the shell rather than phpMyAdmin to keep the file on the RPi server.
  • Step 15 is to upgrade the fields, i.e. move stuff out of CCL into the replacements in Core. The first thing to do is to replace the CCL in the sites/all/modulesfolder and run update.php. Looked at the new install facility but it needs FTP access to the server to work, and that is just plain difficult. So do it the manual way in the terminal shell. then I can go to Structure | Migrate field and there is one field available for migration. As D6 included User References and Node References (dunno why) I guess I also need the References module?