Complete CCK Fields Migration & Start on Modules Installation

  • Step 15 continued: so install the References module and see if that permits more fields to be migrated from CCL to Core. But that does not add any migrate-able fields to the Structure | Migrate fields page.
  • Step 16 is to upgrade the modules that were not uninstalled and upgrade the theme.

    Start with ACL, Book Access and Forum Access. Forum Access requires Chain Menu Access. Then move on to Views which requires Chaos Tools (aka Ctools).

    ThickBox has been retired and the recommended ‘upgrade’ is Colorbox which is composed of a module and an additional plugin. Also learn it needs the Libraries module from reading the installation instructions in the README.txt file. This doesn’t appear to be working just now and could be a lot to learn, so move on for the sake of getting this whole shebang finished. Then I find I need to install the Colorbox Plugin, so give that a whirl, which involves creating a new folder sites/all/libraries.

    So this brings this upgrade test to the point of identifying a replacement for the D6 Image module. First candidate is CKeditor for WYSIWYG content editing to make bullet and numbered lists, bold and italic much more user friendly. Upload it and run update.php to install it. It took a while to suss show to associate a CKeditor profile with a text format like Filtered HTML but once understood it looks good.