Back To Square One!

So it’s back to,square one. Lessons learnt and needing validation by starting again.

And the lesson? Do what it says in the upgrade steps. My mitigation is that I didn’t really know for sure which Modules needed to go but now I do.

  • Anything to do with the Images Module, which means everything in the Image section and the ImageCache section
  • Also everything on the Other Section as I never use the Advanced Help, Thickbox is deprecated (to be replaced by Colorbox) and I haven’t a clue what the Variables API is for.

So do a complete clean down by deleting everything in /var/www and dropping the database with the idea of starting with a fresh ‘snapshot’ of Production from UK2. But Drupal have released a new security update, so that needs to be applied online first.

So with Drupal 6.30 applied online I took a database back up ready to start over again. Moved it to Raspberry Pi via Pippin and in mysql shell dropped the old cnueu_drupldb database, created it again with the same name and used source localhost.sql to add the content of the latest backup to it. It is now ready for the first rehearsal of the upgrade process I’ve come up with. The only question I haven’t answered yet is “should I run the repair script again the database before I upgrade D6 core to D7 or not?