Going Nowhere, Doing Nothing’

On reading an e-mail from a much travelled friend I realised that my life boundaries have become so small that I hardly go anywhere and hardly do anything. Always one to see the positive potential out of virtually anything, I have decided to write my own travelogue. I shall call it Going Nowhere, Doing Nothing’

A relatively easy start to the day because Garrath, now discharged from the LGI Fracture clinic, did the early morning dog-walking duty. He has worked very hard at increasing his mobility after having very complex ankle fractures and can now perambulate in the style of an arthritic nonagenarian. This isn’t a great handicap for the early morning dog walk as Helmut, our settled GSD can be let off the lead safely and exercises himself by chasing the local crow population in the neighbouring graveyard. The crows seem to enjoy this daily sport and taunt him by flying just out of his reach. Helga, though more volatile and less reliable newcomer GSD is not so trustworthy yet but is quite content to do her pees and poohs in the yard and wait for me to lead walk and play frisbee with her later.

Great adventure for me this morning – I drove Garrath down to Shipley station in my newly MOT’d ‘R’ registered Toyota Corolla adding about a mile to the less than two thousand miles that it has done since its last MOT. Advenure indeed! He had to do a London trip today for work. He leads such an exciting life!

On returning home I braved the gales and took Helga out for a walk on the lead then came back and breakfasted the entire meagerie. Macintosh (senior cat) had to have his heart tablet and after that human v feline battle of ingenuities, I fed him and Linux (junior cat) then the two German Shepherds.

Later that morning I got a phone call from my mother telling me that the flowers that I had sent her for her birthday had arrived, and describing them in detail. I was half tempted to go over and see and photograph them but the logistics of fitting two GSD’s into the back of my Toyota Corolla defeated me.

Lead walking both dogs around Windhill Cemetery in a howling gale followed by taking Helmut and Helga respectively out for games of frisbee proved to be as much excitement as I could cope with for one morning, so I retired to my computer to check e-mail, which is where I found the mail from the much travelled friend and resolved to start this journal. More computing, dog-walking, animal feeding and other boring stuff followed and I am now about to collect Garrath from the station and go to the local club for a much deserved pint. Going nowhere and doing nothing can be so exhausting!!!

On The Move

Here I am on a train from London Kings X to Leeds and I’ve added Lynne as a user finally. Now to set up some content I guess? Things could get rather fluid for a while, so bear with me.

Helga has been with us for over five weeks and is now recovering well from her spaying. She was too slow coming out of the anaesthetic for Terry’s liking so he kept her in overnight on a drip. We are still investigating some poor heart blood test results to see if it is something underlying or it was just the aneasthetic. She is going in a week on Monday for the morning for a heart X-ray and more blood tests. She really does have issues outside. Fighting is the only interaction with other dogs she seems to know! 🙁 So Terry is referring us to a special dog behaviourist. Seems we can claim some of the fees back from the insurance! 🙂

Nickelback was FANTASTIC! If I didin’t say so already in the excitment of getting Helga.

Jalbum Galleries

Many thanks to John Hepworth (www.johnhepworth.co.uk) for pointing us to this great tool. It makes creating and maintaining a photo gallery online such a snip. Lynne and I have both used it to create first steps galleries. I have added navigation above to them. Once I get the hang of it and into the habit I will turnover a collection of about a dozen photos. Not sure what approach Lynne is going to take.

New Website

So I’m starting to get value for money from the hosted website that we have set up by switching on blogging for starters.

I should have done this 11 days ago so I could post a contemporary blog about the arrival of Helga but I didn’t, so I will post something on her soon.

In the meanwhile I am going to try to use Jalbum to post some photos and as I think this will be a better way for Lynne to publish images on this site, rather than through Drupal modules. We’ll see in time no doubt.