Relaxing! In Spain

Yesterday was a pleasantly easy journey day even though we were flying with Jet2, as we couldn’t get the ferry we wanted to Bilbao. In retrospect I’m glad as we cannot share the driving any more. Flying mid-week meant the majority of passengers were ‘mature’ with only one obvious Hen party, who all boarded sober. We had heard that Jet2 flights were now dry, but not in this case. The cabin crew leader told me that the “problem flights” are and there is a police presence on those flights too! It was calm and pleasant. Getting through the airport was easy too, as was getting to Victoria Rent-a-car. Lynne loves the Peugot 308 we hired, saying “I’ll go slow till I get used to it.” and doing 140kph on the 120kph motorway just 10km later. Opening up the house was good, we didn’t need to phone Monasor, even though its been a whole year. Did some shopping and had lunch at Mejias III, I had liver of course. Finished unpacking and had a lovely evening at the Chicken Shack, especially as we saw Perran our gardener.

Today was hard, taking laundry to Lavanderia Ana’s and then whiling away the time having a cuppa at the Chicken Shack, doing so more shopping at Mercadona, then going to Hiper Calp for stuff, before another cuppa at Megias III and collecting the laundary. We had a fabulous lunch at Las Barcas in the port. Lynne had Swordfish and I had Hake Basque style. Took everything home and put it away. After a short nap for Lynne we whiled away the evening at the Chicken Shack, incidentally being forced to listen to (loud) Essex bollocks. (The only drawback to the place.)