Post Adjuvant Chemotherapy

It seems odd now looking back to January and February and my thoughts and hopes for Remission 2.0 going forward. My attitude is that, despite the Chemo Oncologist’s stated reluctance to use the word ‘remission’ is that now I’m out of Chemo and the various follow ups have so far not detected any cancer in my head or my body, I am now in Remission 2.0 but no-one know how long that will last, there is just no way to tell. His plan is three monthly consultations with six mostly CT scans from throat to groin. And of course I have the nine month check up with the Gamma Knife Oncologist planned for November, I don’t have the date yet though.

And I have more stuff to worry about. Not just the visual disturbances but also the post-treatment CT scan showed a build up of about 9mm of fluid around the heart. The cause is unknown and it will need monitoring. If it builds up too much the heart will not be able to pump effectively and I could suffer from tachycardia and/or breathlessness. Deep joy!