Obnoxious couple at Piazza de España

Illustration to follow

Why are some people obnoxious?
Why do some people have to be loud?
Why do they feel the need
To outdo and out speed
Everyone else in the crowd?

What’s the joy in being offensive?
What’s the pleasure in being rude?
What’s with their squawking,
Like third class street hawking,
Aggressive, offensive and crude?

Why do these people object when
They are properly told to be quiet?
Why do they resent
The message that’s sent
In order to calm down a riot?

Why oh why do they have to be English
And thus make me ashamed of my race?
Where’s the English reserve
That I’d like to conserve?
Why won’t they get out of my space?

But sadly these folk are obnoxious,
Offensive, aggressive and loud,
So I feel the need
To depart at great speed
And move on to a different crowd.

I suppose that I ought to feel sorry
For this horribly unpleasant pair,
When you’re ugly and fat
And as stupid as that,
Surely life cannot seem fair?