2016 Spring Trip To Spain – Day 5

Another early start, this time when Garrath woke early, woke me, made some tea then promptly went back to sleep again. I do so envy his ability to do that. Once I am awake I can’t get back to sleep again, so I went into the living room and started catching up with e-mails. When Garrath eventually resurrected it was after 08.15 so time for the normal routine of ablutions and breakfast.

Shortly after that the electrician arrived to fit a brand new junction box. We had guessed that when Abdellah said that it wouldn’t be yesterday, that meant that it would be the day after – that is today.

Monasor are astonishingly prompt. They are also incredibly accurate with their time estimates for jobs. The electrician said that the job would take an hour and indeed it did. When we had the really big work done converting the balcony into a secure room they told us that they would be finished at the end of July. Our experience of other builders both in Spain and the U.K. made us sceptical but sure enough we got a phone call to tell us we had to come out, inspect the work and pay up because the job would be finished on the last day of July. It was too.

House maintenance job over it was time to get ready to go out to lunch with our neighbours Keith & Audrey along with some friends of theirs. We took Audrey as the human satnav, Keith took their friends and we met at the restaurant, La Brisa at Teulada. I am always safe at La Brisa and whenever I show my explanatory card it is dismissed with a quick “Lo Sé” meaning “I know.” I even get gluten free toast there so lunch was no problem at all. It is a set menu with plenty of choice and all very well done. I can never have chips with a meal because they use the same fryers to fry the battered stuff so instead they provided me with a lovely array of grilled vegetables to go with the main course. I even got to have a dessert.

During lunch Garrath got a phone call from the kennels to tell us that Helga was poorly and receiving treatment from the vet. They thought she might have an abscess on her tooth and might need to be sedated for further treatment. We OK’d any further treatment needed but a couple of phone calls later ensured that if this is necessary they will take her to our vets rather than theirs because we know that she responds trickily to anaesthetics and our vets know her history. In a subsequent call to the kennels we found out that she is responding to the antibiotics so fingers crossed that she is OK. Bless the kennels staff, they are assiduous with their care. that is why we use them. A bottle of fizz to say thank you will be in order on the way back.

The drive back from the restaurant was easy enough, and we got to have a short, restful period before trolling down to the chicken shack for post chauffeuring and dog worry trauma therapy. So a short blog today after a relatively uneventful day.