2016 Spring Trip To Spain – Day 16

2016 Spring Trip To Spain – Day 16

Today is our last full day in Spain so I expected Garrath to be on a bit of a downer, and indeed he was. I am a stoic, I accept the inevitable and I am determinedly positive, but Garrath is not. He is definitely of the glass half empty faction whereas I see an empty glass and declare,

“Wheeee, we have the potential for champagne.”

An easy going start to the day was followed by a slow meander down to The Chicken Shack for tea and free wifi before we repaired to La Viña De Calpé for a posh lunch. The young man who serves there had told me on a previous visit that he loves chillies so we took him half a dozen sample jars of chilli jam and hot chutney. He and the owner we’re delighted at the gesture. So you see, if you want to spread a little happiness, spread a little jam!

Lunch was delicious and very upmarket as usual with four starters, a main course, dessert, and for a change for me, a glass of wine. Starters (all very small) were beetroot gazpacho with Serrano ham, chicken strips with a sauce, prawns with sausage and chick peas then eel with curry sauce. We had a meat and vegetable paella for the main course and it was a delightful twist on traditional paella with added, luxury delights like artichokes which we love. Dessert was a wickedly indulgent chocolate mousse with ginger and orange adapted for me by substituting the biscuit crumbs with truffles. I think I got the best of the deal so I gave one of my truffles to Garrath.

After tea and coffee and saying our goodbyes it seemed like a good idea to take a long last walk along Playa De La Fossa. This we did in blazing sunshine and a brisk breeze. I had brought my camera trundly with me so I managed to get some beach and Peñon shots, and even though the beach was sparsely populated, I managed to get a few for a post dedicated to Lifesnapper.

We stopped for teas and wees at the end of the playa then made our way back just in time for beer and wine o’clock at The Chicken Shack. We were looking for a relaxed last evening, but then the ‘entertainment’ started up. They are English, they claim to be singers, but unfortunately they seem to regard notes as movable feasts and their idea of dynamic is spelled die-namic. Part way through their ‘act’ the male note drifter said,

“I think we ought to speed things up and cheer things up a bit” whereupon Garrath said to me,

“Them going home right now would help!” I think we are in for a continuation of their off note renditions of terminally tedious numbers, mainly 60’s and 70’s numbers that reminded us just how much rubbish made the hit parade in those days. Maybe the it performance will make Garrath feel better about going back to the UK tomorrow?

They are taking a 15 minute break now and guess what, they have prolonged the torture by putting one of their own CD’s. At least it is marginally better than their live performance but pleeeeeeeease, give us a break! As I suspected, their egos are much bigger than their talents.

The last day here is always hard, particularly for Garrath. He had hoped to be retired and living here by now but his cancers have taken that future away. I never thought that possible for reasons that some of you will know already so it is less of a disappointment for me. We both love the place and it would have been lovely if that had been possible, but the situation is what it is and we have to make the best of it.

In the circumstances we are very fortunate to live so close to the Bexley Wing of St James’ hospital in Leeds, the biggest oncology institute in Europe. Without the excellent treatment he has received there, he would not be alive now to regret not being able to live here.

Oh jeez the caterwauling nostalgics are back again! In view of the fact that Garrath has told me that sticking my fingers in my ears is very rude, I think a very large brandy is necessary to help me survive! Garrath has just come out with another gem,

“This set makes The Isle Of Wight seem bang up to date!” (Remember, I pointed out in a previous blog that going to The Isla Of Wight was like stepping back in time.) He also warned me that the ‘artistes ‘ are wandering round with radio mikes and said,

“If they come over here, do not make eye contact, do not engage!” Them wandering round and demanding that people join in with the chorus of ‘Delilah’ confirmed the wisdom of this instruction.

Tomorrow will be busy, packing, closing up the house, saying goodbyes them off to Alicante to spend some time in that delightful city before our flight departs at 20:20. I love Alicante, such an elegant city and the late flight allows us to spend some time there. The fact that my camera kit is in hand luggage will allow me to get some photographs too. I will probably write my blog on the plane and post it after we land, so it will be a late one Carol!

THE END – well almost!