2016 Spring Trip To Spain – Day 14

Yet another interesting day that started with me rising early and Garrath joining me a couple of hours later. He has always needed more sleep than me but now, with his anti seizure meds, he is knackered much of the time. Still, as I keep reminding him, it beats the hell out of being dead and as he keeps reminding everybody, he is still walking, talking and chewing gum – except for the fact that he doesn’t chew gum but hey, one should never let the facts get in the way of a good clichĂ©!

I have almost forgiven him for posting the name and location of the restaurant we went to yesterday, but I reserve the right to berate him when we find it full of English expats. I think we will be safe when we go there tomorrow, but word travels like wildfire in the expat communities here, so we might not be safe in a week or so.

Once Garrath got up we went through the usual, lengthy breakfasting, ablutions, dressing and preparing routine ready for going out with our Dutch friends, Robert & Marijke to Moraira for lunch. We set off early so that I could call in to one of my favourite, glittery things shop, Onix Art, just near the restaurant. Needless to say I added to my collection with a very heavy, pure silver chain with huge links, the like of which would be impossible to purchase in the UK. It was expensive, but hey, there are no pockets in shrouds and if I am poverty stricken in my dotage I will be able to sell glittery stuff to sustain myself. I bought some silver earrings too. Garrath reckons that when I visit Moraira I sustain that shop’s accounts for a week. So be it. Being a socially and economically aware person, I feel a responsibility to support the local economy!!!

This time the restaurant venue was another favourite, Meson El Refugio. We are now known there to such a degree that we got the Spanish two kiss greeting on departure. Lunch was a lovely, relaxed affair and conversation was easy as always. All in all a lovely experience.

You will not be at all surprised when I tell you that the road to Moraira is yet another hairpin special with cliff side drops to the sea on one side and tall, retaining walls on the other in many sections. So many accidents have happened there because of drivers cutting corners and crossing the white line on bends that a lot of concrete barriers have been put in place along the centre of the road with pillars at the road edges. Sadly, on the bends without concrete barriers, lots of drivers still cross the white line so driving there is a road edge hugging, scary experience. Fortunately for us all, I made it both ways without incident. Today was one more reason to christen this holiday The Hairpin Holiday.

After driving back we went into the house to collect jams and chutneys for Robert and Marijke, then joined them at their house for tea, chat, and for Garrath to continue his new love affair with their new dog, Tikus 2. Tikus seems a singularly appropriate name since I found ticks on her when we were last at their house. Since then she has been groomed and treated so should be safe from the evil little bastards for a month! She is a delightful little dog and she absolutely adores Garrath.

On the way back from their house we stopped to share some important legal information with our Spanish/Canadian neighbours. We have known Marie and Pascual for many years and always got along with them well. Sadly Pascual, who is 87 now, is suffering serious dementia. Marie told us the other day that he is much better now that he is on new medication, much calmer and less violent, and he was certainly affable enough this evening, though obviously not with the level of awareness that he once had.

I feel for Marie and for anyone else in her situation having to deal with this. It is so sad when the mind goes but the body remains, for everybody concerned, not least for the sufferer. I do hope that my body packs in before my mind does and my greatest immediate fear is that Garrath’s recurring brain tumours affect his consciousness or lead to violent behaviours. But if they do, we just have to deal with it. Jeez, cheerful stuff. On to more positive things.

We are returning La Tardor in Pedregeur tomorrow for lunch, you know, THE ONE I INTENDED TO KEEP SECRET! We will take the N332 on the way there, an only moderately hairpin route, but we will return via a seriously hairpin, helter-skelter ride through the mountains, a last chance opportunity for wild flower and pretty view shots. The mountain road is a real delight with unexpected, dramatic shots around every bend. Stopping places are few and far between so it a pity that I can no longer be a passenger and take shots on the move because this is a new route to us. What the hell, I have a huge collection of in car shots from other hairpin jaunts so they will have to suffice.

After sharing info with Marie and Pascual we returned to the house to collect our iPads and walked down to The Chicken Shack, for me to write this blog and to avail ourselves of the free wifi so that I can post it and Garrath can chat to whoever he chats to. I hope I am not too late for Carol, but if I am, sincere apologies from Spain to Crete.

I shall hand this over to my editor (Garrath) post it and maybe, just maybe, have a drink to two more. After all, we have to sustain the economy around here too!