The Good FairyThe Good Fairy

This is the fairy we all love
Because she is so kind,
She is always understanding,
And knows what's on our mind.

She is there when we're in trouble
Finding hankies for our tears,
She dispatches all our gremlins
Because she knows about our fears.

She casts light into our shadows,
She shades our eyes from sun,
She's an endless source of comfort,
And of happiness and fun.

She is gentle and encouraging,
Resourceful, kind and wise,
But we very rarely see her,
For she's brilliant at disguise.

Sometimes she's an Auntie,
Sometimes she's a friend,
Sometimes she's a teacher,
Her disguises never end.

She can be a total stranger,
She can even be a man,
Often she's a dog or cat,
It is all part of her plan.

She is with us when we need her
But she's inconspicuous,
Doing her Fairy duties
Without making any fuss.

Late at night when we are sleeping,
She wears her Fairy things
Her gossamer silk dresses
And her gorgeous Fairy wings.

She has a lovely magic wand
That's topped off with a Star
That always makes her think of us
Because that's what we are.

© Lynne Joyce